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[fanart] Yes! I'm a martian Masou Shoujo!

Once again I strike with Young Justice charas transformed into magical girls! Tadaan~!
M'gann!Collapse )So here's the second one! Next up: not Wally, his pose is being a bitch xD Maybe Superboy? :D

As usual: for this prompt at the yj_anon_meme !
and here's the ref

[fanart] Mahou Shoujo Robin Magica

As I've recently fallen in love with the new animated show Young Justice (if there's a Robin in it, I'M WATCHING >D), here's an art fill for theyj_anon_meme  :) Lots of awesome prompts there just waiting to be filled, since it's a new fandom (only 4eps so far!)

Prompt: MAGICAL GIRLS. Preferably in the miniskirts.

Robin, once again crossdressing for justice!Collapse )

Films of 2010!

 As I was inspired by Emily Horne (thisisfurious ) (a wonderful photographer that does the best webcomic ever, "A Softer World",  with one of my favourite authors, ie. Joey Comeau (untoward)) I decided to make a list of all the films I watch every year!
The rule was that the commentary couldn't be longer than the line in my open office document :p Also no spoilers!
So yeah it is pretty nonsensical...
ALL THE <strike>SINGLE LADIES</strike> FILMSCollapse )
So yeah, that was it! A fun year with pretty good films :)
Yes I have questionable tastes in movies, yes I watch every gay-themed movie I can find, it's my guilty pleasure!
I've already started the list for this year (2011), and there are two entries already: that was fast :0
And this year I'm also doing a list of all the books I'll be reading, but this time with longer commentary, since I can't ever shut up about books, I don't think one line is going to be possible x)

PS: my guilty love for Kristen Stewart is NOT from Twilight, I haven't even seen them... It's just... she's so hot, I can't help it! also, I find it cute how awkward she is!


[oc] Francis is not french nor blond

So yes this is a drawing of my OC Francis, he's from a different story altogether from the Florist's Lover, so yeah, another universe that may one day become a book, as I'm mainly a writer. I don't know why, I just can't get this story to work, I'm so stuck on it :/
/personal ramblings ; So yeah I feel so short on time...Collapse )
So, what about Francis? He's the indie dude that has drugged-up friends, you know that guy?Collapse )

And here he is:

When you have the same friends he does, you also spend a lot of time denying your various relationships :) But they know he still loves them!

[illust] Latin #1 : The young wolves

   So as I am a huge nerd, i am hopelessly in love with Latin...Collapse )
Ab Urbe Condita I, 6-7 by Tite-Live ; "... we could've learned some latin curse words!"Collapse )

That's also the second thing I drew using my magical tablet, i was so impressed with it and really happy I could finally express my love for the text and language. I also drew the birds, first animal drawing ever! So there, my first latin text illustration :)
  We're doing still doing Tite-Live next, but this time it's about Hannibal and roman strategy! It involves a roman telling another roman that the rest of the romans are stupid.

[oc] 2 drawings

 Here's the other drawings of my OC :D

a difficult moment in her life~Collapse )


[scan] 8059 - Bokuno Takaramono

Waaah, I finally finished scanning my first doujinshi! I really hope the scans' quality won't be too bad!
So here it goes:

mediafire link!
Japanese title: 
Boku no Takaramono
Circle: Bakaedai
Rating: no smut! i'm pretty sure it's a humour/crack doujinshi
8059 (yamagoku)
Scanning: eldritch_sun

Read more...Collapse )


A different kind of Degas

A dancer~ isn't it normal for them to be in pink? This one has no problem with it!
oh so magicalCollapse )
ps: i know nothing about actual dancers :O


The florist's lover

 Yes I continue my pathetic descent, here's a drawing of one of my original characters, actually the first one.

She doesn't have a name, I call her the florist's lover... that's a phrase I've always thought of as romantic and mysterious at the same time.

The background is a mix of laziness and me channelling my inner Mondrian...Collapse )

I have two more drawings of her, one in her undies, tuduuun and one pre-op, but I feel like posting some writing first :) it's been a while. I may write a lot, I never feel like it's worthy of being read, I have to fight that!